Sunday, January 15, 2017

Simple pleasures.
World divine.
You take and eat and destroy some more.
Simple world, if you would let it be.
Survive some more, if you could let greed be.
I am taken, I am lost.
I am prone to give to your cost.
I will resist and embrace the wandering bliss.
Stress I release, I am at peace.
It is all craziness, all unease.
You with your guns and power,
Me with my peace.
I have dreams in my heart.
They were not put here to be left apart.
I will see.
I will reap.
I will sow.
I will glean.
Easy now for we are all weak.
Let us love one another,
Let us carry the meek.
Purpose, Generosity,
let the heart lead.
Let the heart lead.

It was glowing
It was shaking
It was engraving my soul
Oh honey, Don't you know
It was in the trees
It was the shadows
The clouds
Oh honey, Don't you know
It was real
It shook me
Deep in my soul
It rose and shown and was full and known
Oh I rise, I shine
You with the driving, me with mine
And I hate you and I yearn
And I let it go, for you are yours
I am deep and I am weak
I am strong and I am needy
Sleep now, for you will know
I am the lover
Beloved, the known
Hold me still, I will wrap you
in my arms, in my touch, in my heart
Quiet now, for its all alright
I am here, for I know the fight
The darkness and pain.
I am the light.
I am the beloved.
The daughter of delight.

Monday, August 8, 2016

I need to know your love.

Thanks for being here with me.

I'm so moved by you.
So touched you know the words.
Speaking my soul...

Music writer, you delight me.
Song weaver of my hearts woes and knows
 of deep dark and light.

Seek the beauty!
You draw the focus,
focus on the Light!
The Light,
The Light!

Bring me back to my mind's eye.
My hearts knowing,
soul expansion,
Love growing.


Sometimes you grab hold of me
so violently. 
A force I cannot reckon with.
I can not escape.
Can not pretend.
You hold me down,
Fierce you are 
for my attentions.
My emotions,
They lead me here
again and again.
The lands we have lived.
The paths we have known.
The stories that we hold,
hearts hollow...
hearts full.
We are handed stories from the time we are small.
They are lessons that teach us,
and you've let it lead on.
I want to say, "I do not know. I do not know."
By faith I muster out, "in Faith I know You know."

Love flow free.
Love flow free.
Flow to the one's
cast down and in need.
The little.
The small.
The tender.
The frail.
The weak.
The hurting.
The thousands. 
The One.

Love flow free.

Light shine on Thee.

In the hearts of the oppressors
In the dirty and undiscovered.
In the shame and the guilt.
The worry and the fear.
The lying, cheating, stealing.
Love flow free.

A thousand I love you's it must always be.

It was all for you.

The stars shining.

The breath.

The mind.

The heart.

The redemption,
the stories never ending,
weaving on and forever,
always together,

Love that is for you and exists in you.
For you righteous to you filthy. 
I love you.
Listen to it everywhere. 

Rivers Currant.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Written 9.15.15 (in response to the sweet one coming)

It is all hidden
for days, weeks, months

There is no space to bring it out

Bringing up boys, cleaning, cooking,
schooling, managing, creating, working,
fighting, dreaming, surviving.

There is a mountain of stress
behind two, large, brown eyes.

A hurting heart and needs unmet.

There just isn't enough.
Hand to mouth,
day to day,
working hard in my mind to make it
all work out.

If you knew the changes,
you would be undone.

As soon as I adjust,
the days flow changes.

But today I know you will come.
It changes me more than the moves and work.

Everything is beautiful, and more painful. 

All of my feelings explode
through tears, and I can't hide it.

In the face of the boys, and the duties,
I am a Mama crying.

Sad that it's been so long, 
sad that is has to be this way.

So sad that they all can give you so much more.
They were given more.
And then, they were given you.

The good Lord gives and takes away.

I gave you, to the more. 
To the blessed, beautiful, whole, abundant ones.

What could I do in my poverty and brokenness?

I had only my heart to give to you.

But my sweet one, my heart was not from the whole,
loving, abundant ones. 
It was from the broken, rejected, lack.

In the Kingdom of Love I have been accepted, reborn.

My journey is long and treacherous, 
and I know not why this was my path.

I have longed for different roads,
longed for the highest heights.

Longed for the mercy of a loving, whole, family.

Longed for the safety and security of prosperity.
I know it is coming.
I am healing.
Being transformed daily.

I am healing.

Still, I feel so under-fed, under-blessed,
when I see your face with theirs.

I see your joy, your abundance.

I can't give it to you, I can't give it to the boys,
or myself. 

I can't be angry, or bitter.
That would never do. 

I can't regret.

I accept. 
I open myself to the joy, the abundance, the love.

I am here and all I can do is cry,
and feel my jaw tight, my throat swell
as my breaths are heavier with the strong feelings
and lack of understanding.

Present with the pain. 

I am not seeking an escape. 
I am allowing, without understanding.

It is here, and it is real in this moment,
 and no one else can feel it...
but I am sure all who have lost know.

I see how He takes care of you.
It is everything I ever wanted for you,
my sweet one.

Let it be enough for me that you 
have more than enough of all you need.

More of You, God, less of me.

Bless these boys with prosperity. 

Every painful moment you designed to give me growth.
Please, Papa, grow me quickly,
let me learn.

God has comforted.
Pause, and calmly think of this.
Rejoice, celebrate!

Let my Jubilee come forth.
Restore me to all that you have in your heart for me.

Let these be the moments before the miracle.

Come like fire,
like water,
like wind.

Move the earth and shift the land to bless me.

You have planted and watered the dreams of my desire.

Will they now blossom and bring forth
an abundance of the sweetest fruit. 

- River Current
a.k.a Joy Everlasting. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Poems on the fly.

Homeless Words

Sometimes even my words cannot find a home
borrowed pads of paper
entries everywhere
I am like these words
I end up in so many places
out of necessity or
for the desire to
be put in something beautiful
Though the words care not where I put them
they are unchanged by binding the holds them
The important part is always that they are there
that they come out of hiding
and allow themselves to be known
they have beauty and meaning all their own
ever in borrowed pads of paper.

Mama Nap Lullaby

Sleepy Cuddle Time
Sleepy Cuddle Time
Rest, Rest, Rest
Your body
Your Mind.

Mount of Transformation

I wonder what to
name this mountain.
I'd like to hike another.
But I'm half-wa up
and stuck.
I see other climbing by,
I wonder what they call
their mountain.
It is no use to learn their names,
if I keep going
I'll uncover.
I muss press on to my own path.
As slowly as I like.

Full of You

I see how you pull me towards you.
Desperate am I to find peace in your Presence.
I am full of myself.
You know well what lie's inside.
Only in You can I empty my cup
and drink you utter acceptance.
Until I am....
Full of You.

River Current